Thursday, 11 August 2016

How should I prepare for the drafting resit exam?

I have been asked by drafting students how to prepare for the resit. These are my thoughts.

1.      Download the core law document from Moodle.

2.      Complete the legal research on the core law. Don’t forget to ensure you understand the areas of law, and don’t neglect the Remedies manual as a resource. If you have to start from basics, don’t be afraid to pick up the relevant Nutshell. Top up your understanding with research from practitioner sources. Make notes and printouts as needed.

3.      Put together a drafting file – with all of your drafting work and all of the suggested answers. Use sections or tabs to label up. Know where you will find helpful wordings and guidance. Make sure you’ve carefully read the commentaries to the suggested answers. Put your notes on the law from point 2 above in your file.

4.      If you did not do the 2nd formal feedback exercise, New Flow, please do so under timed conditions. 3.5 hours, like in the exam. Then compare your work to the suggested answer – and listen to my podcast. This should give you a lot of food for thought and tips on general student problems encountered in drafting.

5.      Read your failed feedback thoroughly, even if you read it when you first got your results. At the time you first got your results, you would have been angry. You would not have been willing to learn from the feedback and know how to improve. Read it with an open mind.

6.      Re-read chapters 7, 8 and 13 of the drafting manual. Really examine the “stages” approach to drafting in chapter 7, the method of preparing to draft in chapter 8 and the advice and discussion in chapter 13.

7.      Re-read the documents in the Revision Resources on moodle. My advice document and the revision notes are particularly of use.

8.      Go back through the LGS slides and general resources on moodle. Some of the grids may help you with efficient and logical case analysis.

9.      If you have often cut corners on case analysis, go back to the Case Preparation and Opinion Writing Manual.

10.  Write yourself short account of half a page of A4 relating to what you did during the drafting exam - how you spent your time, what tasks you did, what judgments and decisions you made. Reflect on whether you carried out adequate analysis and planning in the light of the work you have done above.

11.  Write yourself a short account of half a page of A4 setting out what you think you need to do differently. Refer to the failed feedback to do this.

The drafting process is: